Spectacle Power Corrections

  • Normally light entering the eye is focused on to the retina by the cornea and the lens producing a sharp and clear image.
  • Disparity between focusing power and length of the eyeball results in defocus and is called a refractive error.
  • In myopia(minus number) the eyeball is too long and in hyperopia(plus number) the eyeball is too short
  • The spectacles and contact lenses correct this defocus and allow clear and crisp vision. Astigmatism or cylindrical power is a type of error in which one surface of the cornea is more curved than the other causing an elliptical defocus. It is corrected by cylindrical lens spectacles or toric contact lenses.The greater the power of spectacles the greater the defocus without glasses and hence greater dependency on the glasses.
  • Spectacles and contact lenses offer effective but temporary correction. Spectacles however have their limitations i.e. need to be put on and taken off daily and cared for. They are a good option during the growing years when the spectacle power constantly changes and permanent solutions are not advisable.
  • Contact lenses need to be cared for, have a wearing time limit of 10-12 hours a day and result in significant dry eyes over a period of time
  • PRK/ LASIK/ LASEK are all forms of Laser vision correction which allow clear vision independent of spectacles/lenses in most cases and spectacle independence in all individuals who are suitable candidates for it.
  • This allows a person broader career opportunities and hindrance free outdoor activities like swimming, trekking, football/ tennis
  • Laser vision correction allows us the opportunity to see naturally 24x7 NO MORE the hassle of spectacle fogging/contact lens cleaning and care, NO more squinting your eyes to see the time first thing in the morning. Finally freedom to go swimming, snorkelling, white water rafting or any other adventure sport without worrying about your spectacles!!!